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House Siding Columbia SC When it comes to the exterior of your home, you don’t want to cut corners when investing in house siding in Columbia, South Carolina. While there is an array of materials to choose from with new house siding, vinyl is one of the most popular options in the state of South Carolina.

As you’re shopping for new home siding—particularly vinyl—there are several qualities and characteristics that you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are the top characteristics of quality house siding in Columbia:

  • Vinyl house siding can be a great option for the exterior of your home. One of the first characteristics you’ll want to keep an eye out for is the thickness of the vinyl. Thin vinyl might be a cheaper option, but there are several downsides. If your new house siding is too thin, it will require new replacement sooner rather than later. It also will not insulate your home to its fullest potential, leaving you with higher energy bills.
  • You’ll want to select new siding that is engineered with heavy-gauge plastic and at least 0.44”-.46” thick. Universal Windows Direct’s UniShield® Supreme siding fits these standards, and the thickness ensures structural integrity.
  • Homeowners will also want to consider the coloring process for house siding in Columbia. Universal Windows Direct’s siding goes through a color-through factory paint process. This helps the color of your vinyl remain bright and vibrant throughout the years, and can completely transform your home.
  • If you’re looking to give your home an overhaul, you don’t want to choose any ordinary house siding in Columbia. You’ll want to choose siding that makes a statement, and you have several options available to you from Universal Windows Direct.
  • One of those options include high quality vinyl cedar shakes. These shakes are designed to look just like real cedar, and the woodgrain details makes it one of the best aesthetic choices in the industry.
  • Homeowners can also highlight features of their home with high quality scallops. Designed to look like real wood scallops from the Victorian era, vinyl scallops add an interesting feature to your house siding in Columbia.

When you choose Universal Windows Direct for your new house siding, you’ll truly see and feel the difference in durability and craftsmanship. Call for an estimate: 803-794-4300.