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Vinyl Windows Greenville SC Are you living in a home with a lot of character or old world charm? If so, you might be concerned about your home’s aesthetics when it’s time to replace your windows. While original windows certainly give a unique appeal to older homes, vinyl windows in Greenville are very low maintenance and can also help maintain your home’s original character.

Although a lot of older homes have original wood windows, there are better options on the market in terms of energy efficiency and long term care throughout the years. Before you decide against vinyl windows in Greenville, South Carolina, here are a few ways that you can increase your home’s character and save energy at the same time:

  • When you’re increasing your home’s character with vinyl windows in Greenville, consider your home’s architecture. Plantation homes are popular in South Carolina, and these homes typically boast numerous large windows on the front of the house. Double hung windows are a popular choice for Plantation style homes, and you can easily maintain your home’s charm with vinyl windows in Greenville.
  • Vinyl windows in Greenville are available in a variety of colors that will give your home extra character. You can choose coordinating or contrasting colors to achieve the ultimate look. Popular vinyl window colors include white, black, and tan.
  • Windows with interior woodgrain can also increase the character of your home. Woodgrain from Universal Windows Direct is an innovative window style that features the look of real wood on the interior and vinyl on the exterior. You can choose from a wide array of wood types for the interior portion of the window to suit your personal style. Meanwhile, the vinyl on the exterior of your home remains in top condition due to its durability and quality.
  • Don’t forget that Universal Windows Direct also offers various decorative glass and grid options, including prairie glass, rain glass, and diamond grids.

Keep your home’s character in check with vinyl windows in Greenville, South Carolina. To learn more about our aesthetic options, contact Universal Windows Direct for your free estimate at 803-794-4300.