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Window Contractor Columbia SC Universal Windows Direct is a window contractor in Columbia, South Carolina. Our company is dedicated to offering premium replacement window products for every homeowner, and we strive to combine quality with value. While the typical window contractor focuses on offering the lowest price, Universal Windows Direct takes a different approach: giving homeowners the very best home improvement products for their budget.

If you’re shopping for new windows, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • The glass package of your new windows is the critical component for energy savings. Bottom dollar windows typically don’t come with any energy saving features, such as argon or krypton gas. You also may have a difficult time finding these windows in a big box store. The best way to buy energy efficient windows is through a local window contractor such as Universal Windows Direct of Columbia.
  • Your new glass package should include argon or krypton gas. These gases are denser than air and improve the thermal efficiency of the window—making your home a more comfortable place to live. Furthermore, low-e glazing is another important contributor for energy savings. Low-e glazing is a virtually invisible coating on your window that controls solar heat gain in the home.
  • UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct are engineered with the latest energy saving technology, including gases and glazing. UniShield® Plus incorporates argon gas between the panes, while UniShield® Premium and Supreme use krypton gas for maximized energy savings.
  • The most energy efficient windows on the market are certified by Energy Star. Energy Star is a government-backed program that outlines the efficiency of home improvement products, including replacement windows, entry doors, and more. Universal Windows Direct is a window contractor that offers Energy Star products to Columbia homeowners.
  • When homeowners switch to UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct, they can expect to save around $465 per year on their utility bills. This is especially the case if you’re upgrading from single to dual pane windows.

When you’re looking to save energy, consider UniShield® windows from the trusted window contractor in Columbia—Universal Windows Direct.