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Window Installation Greenville SC Are you looking for new window installation in Greenville, SC? If so, there are two options to move forward with your window installation project: hire a professional, or attempt the job on your own. While window installation in Greenville might seem like an easy process, especially if you’re simply watching videos on YouTube, you might be setting yourself up for headaches down the road.

Unless you’re an experienced contractor, it pays to hire a professional for window installation in Greenville. If you’re on the fence whether you should do it yourself or hire a company like Universal Windows Direct, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Improper window installation in Greenville can lead to inefficient replacement windows. Whether you spend $89 or $1899 on your new windows, bad installation can send its energy saving benefits down the drain.
  • When window installation isn’t properly executed, the windows can become drafty with high amounts of air infiltration. This means that an abnormally large amount of air will enter through air infiltration hot spots in your window, including the window sash and the windowsill.
  • Attempting window installation on your own will also void most warranties. Many manufactures will only warranty their window when a professional replacement window company installs it.
  • Keep in mind that professional window installation in Greenville can also impact the lifespan of your windows. When your window is properly installed, its structural integrity remains intact.
  • If you choose Universal Windows Direct for window installation in Greenville, consider UniShield® windows. These windows are engineered to cut down on heating and cooling bills, so your home remains as comfortable as possible throughout the seasons.
  • Furthermore, UniShield® Supreme windows include three panes of glass instead of the standard dual pane. This means that your new windows will save you more energy and help block out unwanted outdoor noise such as barking dogs or noisy neighbors.

When you’re ready for window installation in Greenville, SC, it’s easy to see why you should choose Universal Windows Direct. Learn more about window installation and schedule a free estimate today at 803-794-4300.